People tend to change. In this world everything is temporary, change is the only permanent thing on Earth. But how can you consider one’s change if it is good or bad? You gotta know that not all changes are all good for us. Some changes can even ruin our lives.

But why do people change? This blog is just an opinion of a fifteen year old girl. Based on what I see & ‘experienced’ , people change because they think what they are right now is not enough to fit in the society they want to be in. They change to be a part of one’s group or they change because they are tired of beng the same person since she/he was born, being the same old boring nerd? But if you’ll ever change you must consider the people around you, the people who loves you even though you’re not a hipster, a swagger , a cool girl/boy who wears fancy shoes and clothes.

So take note of that, there’s no reason to change if the reason is you just want to fit in. Stay the same as the person your friends loved since they met you. A little change will do…But you don’t have to be an another person that your friend used to hate, you may think that decision is right ‘for now’ but as the time pass by, you’ll regret every change you had  Every person you deserted. Every person that you burnt the memories with.

Appriciate who you are as your friends appreciate  you.



Sometimes as part of this generation, I get scared when people talk about love. I noticed that they take it “too” seriously, but I’m not saying that they shouldn’t but they treat their lovers, crushes or admirers as a source of happiness. So when they got broken by their lovers, they tend to get depressed and the anxiety grows.

As a writter, I’m a too emotional human. I experienced depression lately, but as I look at love in a different way, like, yes love from other people can make me happy! but love for myself is sometimes a better source of happiness, it’s not being selfish. It is a way of being independent and strong that you don’t need a man to enjoy life. 

You just need time, great friends, music & a piece of paper to write a poem. I swear it really works to me. 

A woman without a man is like the word LOVE without letter ‘K‘.